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- Songs -

    Keep an eye on this page as the Chakchiuma Swamp
                 album project is currently under way!

   In the meantime, please take a listen to the first song                         that will be featured on the album 
            as well as demo tracks for additional songs
  as they make their way through the recording process.
      Proceeds from sales of the album will be donated
                 to the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
                     Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp. 

  To make a donation that will help fund the recording of         this benefit album, please send your donation through                PayPal to: 
                              Every little bit helps!

You can also download the single "Chakchiuma Swamp"
by clicking the 06:06 down at the bottom right corner 
                                of the media player.
   Every download gets me closer to funding this project,
                  so please feel free to share the link!

*If you would like to listen to additional tunes  I have written, please check out the debut album by Sally and The Hurts entitled "Wild Life". It is available on all major streaming platforms and on my band's website.*




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